Services synonymous with productivity

Choosing MICHELIN to equip a fleet of earthmover machines means choosing tires that are recognized worldwide for their performance. It also means being able to benefit from our experts on the ground and by your side, to optimize their use.

Choosing MICHELIN means having access to a range of services that all contribute to the same goal: to ensure that MICHELIN® tires, which are high-tech products, express their full performance potential on a daily basis.

MICHELIN and its partners offer a range of services worldwide, including analyzing real-world tire driving and operating conditions on site, remotely monitoring and maintaining tires throughout their life cycle, managing tire fleets.


A complete and innovative tire management system

MEMS®4 is the fourth generation of the famous “Michelin Earthmover Management System,” a powerful TPMS solution for the management of mining vehicles and overall conditions on site (surface mines). It allows you to fight against the immobilization of your machines thanks to innovative equipment and integrated connectivity (including GPS tracking) for the protection of your teams and equipment.

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More safety, more reliability and more savings Solution for monitoring the temperature and pressure of your tires. Available for small mines and quarry sites.


Tire longevity is highly dependent on runway maintenance conditions (presence of stones, ruts/corrugations, drainage efficiency, etc.). This is why our technicians are able to carry out site audits and propose improvement measures.

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