Analysis of On-Site Conditions

Analyzing the operating conditions on a site

edito analyse des conditions de roulage tire

edito analyse des conditions de roulage tire


Tire longevity is very much dependent on how the haul roads are maintained and the work sites in general (presence of stones, ruts and/or undulations, efficiency of drainage, etc.).

This is why Michelin technicians are in a position to:

• carry out site audits assessing general maintenance of haul roads and loading/unloading areas;

• suggest improvement measures.


To improve the productivity of a site while maintaining tire performance, it is sometimes useful to reconsider the profile of the haul roads (slopes, cambers, curve radii, etc.).

Improvement in productivity leads to an increase in the rate of operation. While preserving the general safety of the site, this increase must also take account of the limits linked to the machines and their tires.

This is why Michelin technicians offer to carry out complete site audits, during which different parameters on the vehicles are analyzed; for example, acceleration, cornering speeds, braking (frequency, duration, power), etc.

This analysis, performed using specific software coupled to a GPS device, enables them to recommend improvements to track profiles, maximum speeds at various points (according to machine and/or load), etc.

edito chargeuse 620 210 tire

edito chargeuse 620 210 tire

Check on Truck Loading (weighing and centering of loads)

Depending on the density of the materials transported, completely filling a loader bucket or a dumper truck may result in the machines working overloaded.

Similarly, uneven loading of a dumper truck results in overloading on one side, concentrated on certain tires.
Weighing the trucks and loaders regularly (or routinely when working with high density materials) means that loading can be optimized and controlled.

By 3D modelling of the loading of a rigid dump truck (by passing the truck under a lazer camera), we can assess any improvement to be made in the centring of loads.

Michelin technicians can carry out very precise loading checks, or recommend companies who can perform these studies.

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