MICHELIN X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread

  • Traction
MICHELIN® X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN® X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread

  • Traction


Regional Transport Urban Transport


Open shoulder design with regenerating tread technologies for optimum grip throughout life

28/32nds of tread with compounding designed to deliver scrub resistance and high mileage

Co-extruded compounding, designed to reduce heat build up protecting the casing and improving fuel efficiency

Teardrop grooves at the base of the sipes designed to provide reduced stress under high torque conditions

Block bridges designed to provide additional support to reduce irregular wear and improve durability for the open shoulder



1. Full-Depth Matrix Siping
The sipe goes all the way to a teardrop groove, helping to reduce loss of the biting grip as the tire wears

2. Tread Regeneration
Siping opens to a tread groove once worn to help with additional water evacuation and traction

3. Compounding
28/32nds of tread designed for scrub resistance and high mileage

4. Block Bridges
Help to reduce irregular wear associated with an open shoulder design

michelin picto x multi d pre mold retread tire


MICHELIN® X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread Product Sheet


X® Multi D New Tire & Retread Confidence Guarantee

Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. National Limited Warranty and Enhanced MICHELIN® X One® Casing Warranty

Michelin Retread Technologies Quick Reference Tread Guide

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Data Book

X® MULTI D Pre-Mold Retread

Pre Mold Process
Also known as a "pre-cure" process. Tread rubber used in this process is molded and pre-cured by the tread rubber manufacturer, Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT). The appropriate tread is selected – design, width, thickness – and applied to a prepared casing. The casing is prepared by placing a cushion gum bonding layer between the tread and casing. The tire then moves to the chamber for curing.

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