MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread


Regional Transport Urban Transport


Driving confidence in severe weather conditions comes with the improved traction of the MICHELIN® XDS®2+ Pre-Mold Retread.

Deep sipes, zig-zag groove walls with optimized biting edges, and v-shaped transverse shoulder grooves for stone/mud/snow evacuation, deliver year round driving confidence.

Wide contact patch to distribute force.

Matrix Sipes provide inter-locking action which offers excellent traction and even wear.

Directional tread that reduces heal/toe wear.

Teardrop at the base of the sipes relieves stress and helps prevent tearing.

25/32nds original tread depth



1. Application Specific Compounds
Long Tread Life – Proprietary tread compound specifically formulated for demanding high scrub applications and improved wear performance.

2. Wide Tread Design 
Long Tread Life – Distributes force over a larger contact area.

3. Optimized Deep Tread
Long, Even Tread Life – Designed for long mileage and even wear.

4. Open Shoulder
Traction – Wide open shoulder grooves help deliver traction without compromising tread life.

5. V-Shaped Transverse Shoulder Grooves
Driver Confidence – Promotes stone, mud, and snow evacuation.

6. Zig-Zag Groove Walls
Outstanding Traction – Provide optimized biting edges and excellent water and snow evacuation.

7. Sipe Saver Technology
Long Tread Life – A teardrop at the base of the shoulder sipe relieves stress and helps prevent tearing.


MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread


MICHELIN® XDS®2+ Pre-Mold Retread Product Sheet

Michelin Retread Technologies Quick Reference Tread Guide

Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. National Limited Warranty and Enhanced MICHELIN® X One® Casing Warranty

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Data Book

XDS2+ Pre-Mold Retread

Pre Mold Process
Also known as a "pre-cure" process. Tread rubber used in this process is molded and pre-cured by the tread rubber manufacturer, Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT). The appropriate tread is selected – design, width, thickness – and applied to a prepared casing. The casing is prepared by placing a cushion gum bonding layer between the tread and casing. The tire then moves to the chamber for curing.

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