MICHELIN XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN® XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN® XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN® XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread
MICHELIN® XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread

MICHELIN XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread


Line Haul Regional Transport


Tapered tread extensions to withstand shifting footprint stress typical of spread axle applications while maintaining casing durability.

Rounded shoulders to minimize scrub effects typical of spread axle applications.

18/32nds original tread depth



1. Optimized Deep Tread
Long, Even Tread Life – Designed for long mileage and even wear.

2. Rounded Shoulder
Long Tread Life – Helps withstand most scrub and abrasion.

3. Winged Tread*
Shoulder Adhesion – Winged tread provides maximum tread-to-shoulder adhesion in high scrub applications.

4. Groove Bottom Protector
Casing Durability – Protects against stone drilling.

michelin edito xze sa pre mold retread tire


MICHELIN® XZE®-SA Pre-Mold Retread Product Sheet

Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. National Limited Warranty and Enhanced MICHELIN® X One® Casing Warranty

Michelin Retread Technologies Quick Reference Tread Guide

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Data Book

XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread

Pre Mold Process
Also known as a "pre-cure" process. Tread rubber used in this process is molded and pre-cured by the tread rubber manufacturer, Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT). The appropriate tread is selected – design, width, thickness – and applied to a prepared casing. The casing is prepared by placing a cushion gum bonding layer between the tread and casing. The tire then moves to the chamber for curing.

Legal Footnotes

* Tread widths with two measurements have wings. The first number is tread base width in mm. The second number is the overall width, wing tip to tip.

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