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Michelin's Infini-Coil ensures the retreadability of the MICHELIN® X One® tire casing by delivering better crown endurance and zero casing growth. This allows for "like new" tread designs and compounds to help you maximize your assets. We guarantee it.

Every MICHELIN® X One® casing is warranted at 100% for 70 weeks when retread via the Michelin Retread Technologies franchise network. See the MRT National Limited Warranty for details.


Any MICHELIN® X ONE® XDN®2 Pre-Mold Retread or MICHELIN® X ONE® LINE ENERGY D Pre-Mold Retread cured on any MICHELIN® X ONE® original2 casing by an authorized Michelin Retread Technologies Dealer is guaranteed for a second retread within 3 years of the original (1st) Retread DOT Date. The MICHELIN ON MICHELIN second retread guarantee is limited to a MICHELIN® X ONE® XTA® or a MICHELIN® X ONE® XTE® retread for a trailer application.³


Get 30% more mileage than the competition with the MICHELIN X ONE® XDN®2 Pre-Mold Retread or Michelin will pay twice the difference in cost between the competitor retread and the MICHELIN X ONE XDN2 Pre-Mold Retread.


¹Michelin reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time for any reason without prior notice.
²Casing has not been through a retread process before.
³A $100.00 casing credit will be issued if the casing is not retreadable a 2nd time due to workmanship and materials4 per above specifications. The MICHELIN® ON MICHELIN® X One® XDN®2 Pre-Mold or MICHELIN® X ONE® LINE ENERGY D Pre-Mold Retread Casing Guarantee is limited to 7 years from the casing's date of manufacture.
⁴See Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. National Limited Warranty for details.

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