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Michelin White Papers

Insights to enhance your mobility

Michelin believes in putting innovation at the heart of its strategy. It is a major competitive asset that sets us apart from the competition and ensures our Group’s long-term success.

We believe strongly in making innovation a key part of our strategy. Innovation, wherever it comes from, is a crucial driver of our development, of competitiveness, and of longevity for your company or business activities.

We know that the R&D of new products, new materials and new technologies matters to your business. Our new technologies make tires safer, longer-lasting, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly over the long run.

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Camionnette en ville


Urban fleets consist of about 18 million vehicles, ranging from Class 1 to Class 7, with the largest numbers in the Class 1, 2, and 3 categories, providing a wide range of functions by both commercial and government entities — from passenger transport to deliveries and service calls to waste management. Learn to address unique operational challenges to fulfill the new or expanded mission of your fleet...


In a marketplace where fuel will always be a volatile and likely escalating budgetary item, understanding the three main vehicle factors that affect fuel economy can help fleets and owner-operators better manage their largest annual operating expense.

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Michelin has the facts to bust myths still lingering over today's modern, safe, reliable retreads. These ancient retread ideas are rooted in outdated information still circulating from decades ago when truckers attributed all road gators to retreads. Don't let false assumptions about retreads impact your bottom line. Download the white paper below to read seven truths that debunk common misconceptions about retreads.


Frequently referred to as “the forgotten asset,” trailers are often not the highest priority for fleet maintenance operations. By keeping a trailer in optimal shape, fleet operations will slash maintenance costs and maximize uptime — two crucial elements to keeping a fleet’s vehicles on the road, productive, and contributing to the bottom line.

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As a recent CVSA Roadcheck demonstrated, braking system maintenance is an area that needs renewed focus from fleets. Properly maintaining truck braking systems can result in a more efficient, productive, and safer fleet operation.

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