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Construction / Industry

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Tires capable of adapting to all types of worksites, enabling you to remain productive even on rugged terrain; tires that meet your safety requirements for all your construction activities; tires that withstand the constraints of handling containers in port, airport or industrial areas... our teams work and provide answers through innovative tires and services to all of these issues.



Identify the right tires for mining, construction, turf care and everything in between. From standard to aggressive conditions and tweel to pneumatic, Michelin has the tires you need to get the job done.

visuel contexte xzy2 xdy3 une bétonnière sur un site de construction

Edito visuel contexte xzy2 xdy3 Tire

visuel contexte xzy2 xdy3 une bétonnière sur un site de construction


Durability at the service of your productivity and reactivity

Edito photo forklift in action Tire


Cost-effectiveness, safety and reliability for all your industrial Handling operations

Container handling in a port terminal

Edito photo port univers Tire

Container handling in a port terminal


Michelin at the service of port and airport handling

Our Services and Solutions

Edito worker on construction site Tire

Safe deliveries on schedule and on time is your concern and ours too. Our services and innovative solutions around tires, vehicles and your drivers accompany you on a daily basis on your construction sites, ports and industrial areas.



How to check and maintain your Civil Engineering tires to optimize their performance and ensure maximum life.

Edito michelin x tweel ssl all terrain max Tire


Discover MICHELIN X® TWEEL™, the no-compromise solution for your small construction sites and handling needs.

Camionnette en pneus Agilis Crossclimate

Edito van agilis cc camionette Tire

Camionnette en pneus Agilis Crossclimate

And for your commercial vehicles...

Because you also use commercial vehicles to carry out your activities and your time is precious, discover our MICHELIN Agilis range dedicated to vans and pickups. You’ll be able to focus on your business and your customers, no matter what the weather or where your business takes you. Drivability, durability, road safety, fuel savings and controlled environmental impact... we are committed to being by your side every day!

Background port terminal Tire

Construction and Industry tires (also known as Civil Engineering tires) are designed for port or airport terminal or handling machines, working in the fields of energy, waste treatment, construction or demolition, or in cement works. With the range of Michelin products and services, you will find an answer to your requirements to make uncompromising choices. Whether you are looking for more comfort for your drivers, more durability, stability or traction for your machines, Michelin has a solution for your productivity and profitability.

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