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Ports and Terminals

Let Michelin take care of your port and airport handling needs

in action at the port of Rotterdam

Tires specifically designed for container straddle carriers. Faster and safer for exceptional profitability and productivity.


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Fight downtime before it happens
MICHELIN® Tire Care offers many solutions to help you identify and address tire issues before they lead to downtime, low mileage, high fuel costs and safety risks.

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Tire tips: pressure management

Optimal performance and safety requires the right inflation.

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Industrial handling

Discover our range of tires for industrial handling applications and vehicles.

Chariot élévateur au travail

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Chariot élévateur au travail

Engin de levage portuaire au travail dans un terminal container

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Engin de levage portuaire au travail dans un terminal container

The complexity of port and airport terminal handling environments has led Michelin to create and develop a specific range of tires designed to meet the unique requirements of these different activities. The very high usage level of vehicles such as straddle tractors and carriers, container trolleys or terminal tractors requires specifically adapted tires. The complexity of these vehicles and their extremely heavy loads require extremely robust tires that can withstand the various external aggressions and thousands of journeys on often highly abrasive terrain.

The quality of Michelin tires will enable you to maintain an ever-increasing level of productivity and hourly output for your various handling activities, so your tires won’t cause problems for your smooth-running logistics.

Discover our full range of tires for port and airport handling to equip your fleet with a wide choice of sizes. Examples of the most common dimensions: 450/95R25; 310/80R22.5; 18.00R25.

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