Vérification de la pression d'un pneu

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Vérification de la pression d'un pneu


Correct tire inflation is important, not only in terms of optimizing tire performance, but also in terms of safety. The right pressure is essential for smooth vehicle handling (road handling, braking) as well as maintaining tire integrity. Inspections and pressure adjustments must be performed on a regular basis.

Both under-inflation and over-inflation can significantly affect tire performance. Insufficient tire pressure leads to an abnormal rise in the operating temperature which may cause irreversible damage to internal components, and cause tire destruction by rapid pressure loss.  Over-inflation can cause rapid and uneven wear and increased sensitivity to road hazards (tread damage, carcass breakage).

It is recommend to check tire pressure when they are cold. If the check is performed after driving, the tire is considered hot. In this case, the pressure must be readjusted according to the manufacturer's recommendations (consult a Michelin representative). As pressure increases with temperature, never deflate a hot tire. Always maintain equal pressure between dual tires. Nitrogen inflation does not reduce tire pressure check frequency.

The operating pressure can only be given by a Michelin representative, or by an authorized professional who will take into account tire usage criteria (type of machinery, type of soil, length of cycles, materials transported, loads, etc.).


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