Agilis tire rolling into muddy potholes on street

Agilis CrossClimate tire going down rough urban street

Agilis Family of Tires




Introducing the Agilis family of tires, specifically engineered to conquer urban transport challenges so you can get the job done.

Your Trusted Partner For:

  • Diverse commercial applications
    • Last Mile Delivery services
    • Home repair
    • Professional services
  • First responders
  • Urban fleet operations
Agilis poster showing vehicles in front of tires

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60 day satisfaction guarantee logo


Tire rolling with tread pattern showing

tire traction icon


Always stay in control with Agilis products that are engineered to meet traction demands — no matter the weather conditions.

truck tire with gray shield

durability icon


Defend against curb scrubbing: each tire is equipped with casing protection features that render curbs insignificant.

Odometer showing 1952 - the year of Michelin's first radial tire

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Stop constantly replacing tires due to stop-and-go driving, tough turns, and heavy loads — these challenges are no match for Agilis tires.

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Support your environmental commitment with a partner who designs tires to last longer, have low rolling resistance and reduce waste.


Tires designed for light and medium duty vehicles

white box truck cutout

box truck

white flatbed pickup truck cutout

flatbed truck

white cargo delivery van cutout

white cargo delivery van

light duty white pickup truck cutout

light duty pickup truck

Agilis tire on a split urban street, slightly rural and snowy road

Agilis tire rolling down divided urban street



Request a quote for one of Michelin's Agilis family of tire options.


If you are not completely satisfied with the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tire or the Michelin Agilis HD Z 19.5 tire after the first 60 days of usage, we will make up the difference of your acquisition price per tire.(2) If the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tires or the Michelin Agilis HD Z tires do not provide 20% more mileage performance than your current light truck or medium duty truck tires respectively, we’ll make up the difference of your acquisition price per tire.(1,2) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid only for the 22 sizes of the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tire and two sizes of the Michelin Agilis HD Z tire (225/70R19.5 and 245/70R19.5). Guarantee does not cover road hazards & negligence. Applicable to a maximum of 50 tires per ship-to location/customer. Valid for on-road urban applications only. (1) Valid only against competitor tire brands. (2) Proof of purchase with date and purchase price necessary as well as mount and dismount tire mileage records for the mileage guarantee. Guarantee will pay in the form of a credit for the difference of your acquisition price per tire. Credit will be issued and all documentation must be validated by a Michelin Sales Representative. Michelin reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time for any reason without prior notice. All claims must be made by December 31, 2024. See your local Michelin dealer or sales representative for more details.

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