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Brochures & Manuals

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Data Book


MICHELIN® SmartWay® Tires

Nail Hole Repair Manual

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Reference Chart


MICHELIN® X One® Brochure

Load and Inflation Table Standard

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Service Manual


MICHELIN® OnCall Brochure

Tubes and Flaps information

MICHELIN® Tire Care Brochure



Technical & Information Bulletins

295/60R22.5 LRJ Tires Used on 8.25x22.5 Wheels

Additive "Bloom" on Tires

Change to NHTSA Tire Identification Number (TIN)

Lubricant for MICHELIN® Truck Tires

Tire Damage Resulting from Non-Compliant Runflat/Beadlock Devices

X One® Tires - Recommendation for Use in 4x2 Applications

X One® Tires - Stacking of MICHELIN® X One® Tires

295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5 New Dimensions

Alcoa Wheel Notification #2015-053

Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) and Tire Maintenance

Proper Use of Directional Tires

Tread Depth Measurement on Tires Retreaded with the XDU®S Pre-Mold Retread

X One® Tires - Retread and Repair Recommendations

X One® XZU®S Repair Recommendations

315/80R22.5 LRL Tires Used in Motor Coach and Motor Home Service

Service Life for RV/Motorhome Tires

Auto Haulers (Approved Wheels)  

Internal Balancing Materials and/or Coolants

X One® Tires - Driver Information

X One® Tires - Single Wheel Approval Information Sharing

Use of Sealants in MICHELIN® Truck Tires

12R22.5 & 305/85 R22.5 Tires Used in Urban Transit Service

Bead Repairs on the XZU®S2

225/70R19.5 MICHELIN® XZE® Tires on Class 4 and 5 Vehicles

X® InCity Z SL 305/85R22.5 LRJ

X One® Tires - Mounting on Different Wheels

X One® Tires - Single Wheel Considerations

MICHELIN® Metro Tire Usage, Maintenance and Inspection Recommendations

Warranty Information & Guarantees

MICHELIN® Truck Tire Warranty


MICHELIN® X® MULTI D Confidence Guarantee

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee


MICHELIN® X® LINE ENERGY Z Mileage Guarantee

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee - New Truck or Trailer

MICHELIN® Truck Tire X® WORKS Road Hazards Guarantee

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee - Secondary Market Tractor or Trailer

MICHELIN® Road Hazards Guarantee


Brochures & Manuals

Michelin Retread Technologies Quick Reference Tread Guide

MICHELIN® SmartWay® Retreads

Why Choose MICHELIN® Retread?

Warranty Information & Guarantees

MICHELIN® X One® Line Grip D Pre-Mold Retread Mileage Guarantee

Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. National Liimited Warranty and Enhanced MICHELIN® X One® Casing Warranty


MICHELIN® ON MICHELIN® Retread Casing Guarantee

MICHELIN® ON MICHELIN® Retread Mileage Guarantee


Brochures & Manuals

MICHELIN® Agriculture and Compact Equipment Data Book

MICHELIN® Agriculture Applicator Solutions

Tires for Municipalities

MICHELIN® Agriculture Tire and Tube List

MICHELIN® Agriculture Harvester Solutions

MICHELIN® On/Off-Road Tires Key Reference Guide

MICHELIN® Compact Equipment Data Book

MICHELIN® Agriculture Tractor Solutions

MICHELIN® Construction Tires

John Deere MICHELIN® Tire Fitments

MICHELIN® X® Tweel Brochures

MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire Family

MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire Fitment Guide

Warranty Information & Guarantees

MICHELIN® Ultraflex Guarantee

MICHELIN® AG TIRES 90 Day Promise Guarantee


Brochures & Manuals