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Professional Services / Tradesmen

When every second counts and people are counting on you, trust MICHELIN to help deliver your promise!

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Michelin, helping you deliver on your promises!

You are independent and your job is your life. Your commercial vehicle is essential for the success of your business. When you get in your truck, it’s to deliver to your customers, to go to a construction site, etc., and you can’t afford to waste time. It has to keep driving in all weather and on all terrains!

Your customers are your priority. When it comes to maintaining your truck, the less you have to worry about it, the better off you are! So having to manage the tires and constantly asking yourself if you have the right tires should never be a problem!

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Agilis CrossClimate tire going down rough urban street

Agilis Family of Tires

Specifically engineered to conquer urban challenges so you can get the job done.

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Solutions Adapted to Your Activity

With the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate LT dedicated to vans and pickups, you’ll be able to focus on your business and your customers, no matter what the weather or where your business takes you. From safety and durability on the road, to fuel savings, we are committed to being by your side.

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Need Medium-Duty Tires?

Find the commercial tire adapted for all weather conditions for your straight truck/pick-up: urban or regional deliveries, building sites, people transport, or transport of people.

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Professional Services Truck

Parked telecommunications utility vehicle on shaded neighborhood street.

Utility, Cable & Telecom Fleets

When it comes to maintaining your fleet, the less you have to think about it, the better. Tires are something you use every day but never want to think about. Michelin will be your trusted partner to take tires off your mind.

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Need Technical or Reference Material?

From product sheets to technical bulletins, our Tips and Suggestions center will help you get answers to your questions. And if you still can't find what you need, fill out a form to have a Michelin expert contact you!

Last-Mile Dependability, Unlimited Service | Michelin

Michelin Dependability and Nationwide Coverage

Make the last mile as efficient as the first with Michelin’s commercial fleet tire lineup. While Michelin’s urban fleet tires help you navigate last-mile challenges like downtime and diverse climates with ease, the Michelin Dealer Network, provides service to keep you moving so you can keep your customers satisfied.

MICHELIN is committed to Professional Services / Tradesmen