Parked telecommunications utility vehicle on shaded neighborhood street.
Parked telecommunications utility vehicle on shaded neighborhood street.

Utility, Cable & Telecom Fleets

Your work ensures that people stay connected, trust MICHELIN to keep you up and running.

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Michelin, dependable and efficient to keep your services uninterrupted.

Your work plays a vital role in keeping life running smoothly and ensuring the seamless functioning of essential services. Our communities depend on you, rain or shine, to keep the power on and communication lines open. You can’t afford to waste time when responding to a call: restoring services or developing infrastructure, your truck needs to be ready!

When it comes to maintaining your fleet, the less you have to think about it, the better! Tires are something you use every day but never want to think about. Michelin will be your trusted partner to take tires off your mind!

Telecom utility truck going up a hill

Telecom Utility truck

A white commercial truck parked while crew repairs down telephone line.

Michelin Dependability and Nationwide Coverage

freight tires

Be ready to respond with Michelin’s commercial fleet tire lineup. With products that cover all the vehicles in your fleet, you can feel confident that Michelin will keep your fleet ready to go in many conditions and roads. Michelin’s Dealer Network can cover your needs no matter where you are, so you can keep focus on the work to be done.

MICHELIN is committed to the mission critical nature of your business.

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