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Storing Off-Road Tires

Proper storage of Off-Road tires

The tire’s rubber-based compounds are subject to natural aging. Limited outside storage does not adversely affect the life of the tire but must be maintained in a specific way; however, when possible store tires indoors.

Storage recommendations:

  • In a clean, dry and well-ventilated room, away from direct sunlight and bad weather.
  • Away from any chemical substances, solvents or hydrocarbons likely to alter the nature of the rubber.
  • Away from any object that may pierce the rubber (metal tip, wood, etc.)
  • Away from any heat source, flame, burning object, material that may cause sparks or electric discharges and from any source of ozone (transformers, electric motors, welding stations, etc.).

In addition, accessories must be stored in their original packaging on surfaces where there is no risk of cuts, tears or punctures.

Tire Handling Recommendations

Incorrect handling of the tire can cause irreparable damage. In order to eliminate the risk of damage to the beads and the consequences that may result, we advise you:

  • Not to lift a tire directly with the hook of a crane
  • To use flat straps (not metal slings or chains)
  • To pick up the tire from under the tread and not at the beads when using a telescopic forklift truck.

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