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More safety, more reliability and more savings

Protect your tires

Are you looking for a reliable solution to monitor your tires 24 hours a day to avoid unplanned stops that disrupt your operations and increase your service bills? With MICHELIN® TIRE CARE TPMS, we propose two simple, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires.
Available for construction, handling and in small mines and quarries.

MICHELIN Edito tmps tool Tire

Brochure for ports:

Brochure for quarries:

Placing a TPMS sensor in a tire

MICHELIN TIRECARE TPMS - Sensor Installation

Edito Container handling Tire

Chargement de conteneurs par un chariot élévateur


• MACHINE AVAILABILITY: combined pressure and temperature monitoring for better anticipation

• SAFETY: more precise pressures, corrected according to the temperature to limit incidents related to tires

• MAINTENANCE UNDER CONTROL: data communicated in real time and saved in reports to optimize tire management

• OPTIMIZATION OF TIRE BUDGET: alert system to maintain the correct pressure and make the most of your tires

MICHELIN TIRE CARE TPMS - testimony in Tournai

MICHELIN TIRECARE TPMS – Testimonial in Tournai

MICHELIN TIRE CARE TPMS - testimony in Rotterdam

MICHELIN TIRECARE TPMS – Testimonial in Rotterdam

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