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Corporate fleets

The right ecosystem to master today’s fleet management and shape tomorrow’s sustainable mobility

Today, you need to be both a manager and a visionary. For your company, for humankind, for the planet. To succeed on all fronts, you need a partner who will enable you to ensure efficient and responsible management of your fleet of light and/or commercial vehicles, while helping you to become an advocate for sustainable mobility.

With the Michelin Group, you can invest in all the challenges of sustainable mobility while meeting the requirements of impeccable fleet management: optimized TCO, controlled environmental impacts, optimal service quality and safe users every mile, whatever the road.

Rangée de camions garés sur un parking

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Rangée de camions garés sur un parking


Find the right tire for your operations with the MICHELIN Agilis range for commercial vehicles 
(MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate).


Here you will find professionals who testify to the contribution of Michelin tires to the daily management of their fleet.
Tested by pros in their everyday life... because our best testers are our customers!

MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® Testimonial

MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® Testimonial

MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® Testimonial

MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® tire Testimonial

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