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Reach Your Productivity and Safety Goals with Proven Services and Solutions

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Get more out of your trucks and mines than ever before. With Michelin Consulting & Services, you can find new opportunities to grow profitability and cut costs by increasing productivity, improving safety and decreasing downtime.

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Tap into the power of proven success thanks to:

  • A dedicated team: Collaborate with proven technicians, analysts and on-site experts
  • State-of-the-art measurement tools: Access expansive data capture capabilities and class-leading hardware and software
  • Expert analysis: Turn your operations into customized, results-oriented recommendations
  • Exclusive industry knowledge: Put the power of unparalleled industry expertise in safety, productivity and maintenance to work

Discover the Best Strategies to Increase Safety & Improve Productivity

Our team can work with your operations to find customized solutions that can add value to your mine:

  • Site Safety & Productivity Seminars

From road design to operator awareness to tire loading and rotation best practices, Michelin can customize seminars for all team members, drivers or tire management and maintenance personnel to improve safety and maximize your current assets.

  • Productivity Improvements

Michelin can help you unlock your next level of performance by discovering your tires’ contributions to productivity, minimizing tire-related downtime and creating a predictive model to manage your tires.

  • Data-Driven Insights for Actionable Strategies

Take advantage of tire management software, cloud-based tire management and powerful tire and usage measurement tools to increase productivity and profitability—all customized to your operations.

  • Audits, Studies & Analyses

Find new ways to extract more value from your tires and equipment through tire safety audits, application analyses (such as TKPH, Site Severity, Heat Studies, etc.) and payload weight and volume studies.

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Mining Consultants

Expert Analysis to Optimize Your Operations

MICHELIN® Consulting & Services has helped companies around the world unlock their true productivity, whether it’s predicting tire consumption for future mining conditions or reducing downtime through optimized tire rotation policy.

Find Your Peak Performance

Let’s work together to build your customized solutions and add value to your operations.

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