Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base
Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base
Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base
Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base
  • Durability
  • Traction


XZY3 Wide Base
Select a size
Select a size
  • 385/65R22.5
  • 425/65R22.5
  • 445/65R22.5
XZY3 Wide Base
Select a size
Select a size
  • 385/65R22.5
  • 425/65R22.5
  • 445/65R22.5


Great resistance to shocks, bruising and penetrations fostered by new four-belt design, featuring full-width elastic protector ply.

Improved floatation offered by wider tread (almost one inch wider than Michelin XZY® Wide Base).

Improved traction in soft soil and mud promoted by aggressive new tread design.

Added sidewall and shoulder protection from thicker rubber and new aggressive shoulder design.

Improved wet traction throughout the tread life cultivated by deep, wide circumferential grooves and minimized bridging between tread elements.


1. Thick Tread Volume Long Tread Life – Delivers increased mileage and improved durability: +5% in tread width, +3% in tread depth, +4% in net contact area vs. Michelin XDY-2 tire.

2. Full-Width Elastic Protector Ply Casing Durability – Helps protect the working plies from bruising and penetrations, and downtime.

3. Circumferential Grooves Driver Confidence – Excellent wet traction throughout the tread life.

4. Optimized Tread Design Driver Confidence – Promotes excellent traction in soft soil and mud.

5. Rectangular Bead Bundle Casing Durability – Simulates a solid steel rod "strapping" the tire onto the wheel. This design stabilizes the entire bead region and minimizes fatigue in order to extend casing life.

Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base

Michelin XZY 3 Wide Base


XZY®3 Wide Base Product Sheet

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Technical Specifications

MICHELIN XZY3 (WB) - 385/65R22.5
1078 mm / 42.4 inch
22 32nds / 17.7 mm
65 mph / 105 kmh
9370 lbs / 4250 kg
499 mm / 19.6 inch

Retread Offer

Retread Name Position Application Tread Depth Tread Width
MICHELIN XZA (wb) - 385/65R22.5 Z Regional Transport 19/32 nds 320 mm
MICHELIN XZA (wb) - 385/65R22.5 Z Regional Transport 19/32 nds 290 mm
MICHELIN XZY3 (wb) - 385/65R22.5 Z On/Off Road 22/32 nds 290 mm

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