Top 7 Retread Myths in the Trucking Industry

And 7 Videos that Address Them

Retreads Reimagined

If you’re in the trucking industry, you’ve heard many myths about retreads. For example, you may think you will save more money by buying and discarding lower priced imports than by retreading quality casings. Or you may believe all the “gators” you see on the road are retreads.

In the Retreads Reimagined video series featured here, we tackle the top 7 myths in the industry and show you how retreads could be a very smart decision for your business.

You may also want to read the “Top 7 Retread Myths” white paper that debunks these myths in written form.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #1: Low-Cost Imports

Myth #1: Buying low-cost imports saves more money than retreading.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #2: Rubber on the Highway

Myth #2: All rubber on the side of the highway comes from retreads.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #3: Retreads Are Not Safe

Myth #3: Retreads are not safe.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #4: Retreads Are Less Efficient

Myth #4: Retreads are less efficient.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #5: Retreads Don’t Do Well in Heat

Myth #5: Retreads don’t do well in heat.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #6: Retreads Don’t Look Good

Myth #6: Retreads don’t look good.

Retreads Reimagined Myth #7: Retreads Are Not as Good for the Environment

Myth #7: Retreads are not as good for the environment.


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