How to read a tire sidewall

Reading the sidewall of a tire

Learn how to understand the sidewall markings on your tires.

XeoBib: Line
VF = Very High Flexion: Tire Category
650: Nominal tire cross-section in mm
60: Aspect ratio (ratio of sidewall height to nominal tire cross-section) in %.
R: Structure: “R” for radial “-” for diagonal
38: Nominal rim diameter in inches
155: Standard load index
D: Standard speed index
Radial: Structure indication
Tubeless: Tubeless tire
Michelin® X®: Registered trademark

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Casing and Rim Side Measurements


Tire section width
R’: Radius with static load
R: Radius without load
D: Outer diameter, equal to 2 R

Diameter of the rim
F: inner width
H: suspension height

The 42" series and their 38" equivalents 


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