Ballasting tires

Ballasting tires with liquid

In certain cases, to increase the machine's overall weight or lower the center of gravity, ballasting tube and tubeless tires with a liquid solution can help offset these differences.

Agricultural valves can be filled with air and water, making it possible to fill with liquid (water + antifreeze).

Due to below freezing winter temperatures, it is imperative to use a Glycol-based antifreeze product. Fill the inner tube or tubeless tire with liquid up to the height of the valve (valve facing upwards) while letting the air out (diagram 2).

Since Michelin is not involved with the manufacturing of these products, the Michelin guarantee expressly states that Michelin will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the tires by these products.
Inflation and pressure adjustments can be made with air.
Since air pressure for these tires are low, (about 25% by volume) regular tire pressure is essential. We recommend checking monthly.

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For tubeless liquid ballasting

1. Assemble and fit the casing, see “Inflating and Inserting Beads” on the Assembly and Disassembly page.
2. Deflate the tire to a low pressure (approx. 8 psi)
3. Place the valve on the top
4. Ballast the casing with liquid (water + antifreeze) up to 75% while letting the air out (Diagram 2). 
5. Finish inflating with air and adjust pressure

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