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MyTechXpert App brings essential tire information at the touch of a screen

Published on October 5, 2023 - 5 minute read

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Images of app features: home screen, diagnosis images, tire comparisons

To celebrate 100 years of the Michelin Truck Tire Technical Data Book, the next evolution has hit as the entire data book is now released in a smartphone app – MyTechXpert.

The app allows fleet operators to easily obtain essential information for daily operations. It enables them to analyze tire wear and tear, and make informed decisions on selecting the appropriate tire. Additionally, the app provides access to Michelin's range of product options.

Much like the data book, the MyTechXpert app is developed as a reference tool for fleet owners and truck tire dealers. You can find technical specs and advice on how to use and care for your tires correctly. There is also information on:

  • • Tire Mounting
  • • Tire Safety Instructions
  • • Tire Pressure Recommendations
  • • Product Ranges for new tires and retreads

With the smartphone app, it will be easier for a dealer or fleet owner to work faster by having quick access to essential truck tire maintenance information and expert advice. You’re also able to respond to issues more quickly by running initial diagnostics on tire wear.

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Michelin: MY TECHXPERT App Introduction

An essential tool for all truck professionals

“The Michelin MyTechXpert app is something that our fleet and dealer partners have been asking for and we have been listening,” said Pierluigi Cumo, Vice President of B2B Marketing for Michelin North America, Inc. “This new mobile truck tire technical database will allow our customers to quickly find detailed information on each tire, locate part numbers, and make the most informed decision for their needs.”

The MyTechXpert app serves as an essential tool that you can use each day. We created it in collaboration with dealers for truck professionals. Some of the top features include a quick search for tires and common characteristics, tire diagnosis images, technical information from the Michelin Service Manual and training videos from certified Michelin field engineers, all developed to provide fleet owners and operators with higher expertise.

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“Technicians can work faster with quick access to specific information for tires, maintenance activities and expert advice from Michelin,” said Cumo. “With the app, they can run initial diagnostics on tire wear, get technical advice and optimize tire costs while reducing the fleet’s environmental footprint.”

The Michelin MyTechXpert app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, free to download from Google Play or the App Store and allows both sales representatives and owners to better select the best suited tire for fleets. Users will have current information on technical advice, features, and developments with regular updates.

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