Tractor in the field at sunset

Tracteur vert dans un champ au lever de soleil

Tractor Tires

Designed for long service life and exceptional year-around traction to help get the most out of your farm

Edito Farmer and tractor Tire

Our most versatile tractor tires

High performance radial farm tires that carry heavier loads and protect against stubble damage - keeping your farm in motion

Picture of tractor equipped with Central tire inflation system on the two axels, for the four tires

Tractor equipped with CTIS how does it work

MICHELIN Central Tire Inflation System

As a farmer you may have to change the pressure several times on your farm, depending on the crop. With the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) you can control the pressure from your seat.

Manual check of agricultural vehicle tire pressure

Tire pressure monitoring why is it important

AgroPressure Calculator

Tire pressure calculator for farm vehicles.

Edito technologie michelin ultraflex Tire

Innovative tire and casing design that promotes soil protection, fuel savings, longer service life and greater endurance - MICHELIN tractor tires with UltraFlex

Michelin is always committed to developing and improving your tire performance, helping you save time and money

Background axiobib2 at work Help and Advice

sculpture pneu MICHELIN AXIOBIB2

MICHELIN UltraFlex Gains Calculator

Do you know the right tire can increase your yield up to 4%?

Agribib Row Crop

Learn how to manage soil compaction

Do you know UltraFlex tires can enable farmers to carry 40% more at lower pressure?

Edito Agriculture universe Tire

Advanced rubber compounding and stubble deflecting 45 degree R-1 W design offers excellent stubble resistance - MICHELIN tractor tires with stubble shield

The success of your farm depends on your farm equipment.
Don't let lost time stop your operations; choose MICHELIN to keep you moving.

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Two farmers man and woman with tablet standing in soybean field in front of tractor at sunset

Looking for Tire Tips?

Find Agricultural tire basics and maintenance guides in our Ag toolbox.

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