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Picto agilis gamme Homepage Help and Advice

Picto agilis gamme Homepage Help and Advice

gamme pneu MICHELIN Agilis

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x1led2 web template

x1led2 web template

X One Line Energy D2


Our lowest rolling resistance heavy truck drive tire to date, for truckload, long haul transportation. Designed for industry-leading fuel savings to lower total cost of ownership while providing exceptional traction for driver confidence.                                                                                               

xmez2 db

xmez2 db


Challenging traditional trade-offs and setting new standards in fuel efficiency, traction and mileage performance for super regional and regional applications.  

xlet2 db

xlet2 db


Designed for improved tread wear, fuel savings, retreadability and exceptional traction, this is our most fuel-efficient dual trailer tire for truckload, long haul transportation.

xwd db

xwd db


The next generation on/off road drive tire optimized for exceptional traction in mixed and aggressive applications.            

Background 5 picture axiobib2 at work 1 Help and Advice

Background 5 picture axiobib2 at work 1 Help and Advice

Pneu Michelin axiobib2 en action


Industry leading low pressure tires deliver a large footprint for reduced soil compaction and more crop yield.                

agilis db

agilis db

MICHELIN® Agilis Cross Climate

When every second counts and people are counting on you, choose MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate for vans and light trucks.

Michelin in the USA

Keep Moving with Michelin

To succeed in today's business world you have to keep moving, and to keep moving you need tires you can trust to get the job done. Michelin tires are designed specifically to help customers keep moving and grow their business.

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